We are participating Zellcheming virtual days on June 9-10

See you there! Zellcheming Virtual Days 

European leader in open access pilot and laboratory services Our extensive services at KCL derive from recognizing the necessity of decreasing and decelerating global climate change and its impacts. For example, we support the development of circular economy with services that are linked to: 

  • plastic replacement with renewable materials 
  • recyclability of materials 
  • compostability of materials 
  • hazardous materials replacement with bio-based alternatives 
  • new products from side streams 
  • lighter packaging materials 

KCL is an ideal partner for anyone operating with the development of their existing or new bio-based products and processes. Our scale-up and demo production services support the needs of start-up companies in their early go-to-market phase. 

Let’s push your ideas, innovations and boundaries into tomorrow’s success products and collectively create a sustainable future!